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Bants With Dayo Moyo (Co-Founder of Club Twenty Z Learning Space)

Queen Raffy's Space


Episode Notes

Dayo Moyo is a passionate teacher, educator and podcaster whose passion lies in helping young adults and children be better through transforming thier minds and giving them a chance to showcase thier talents through his programs and tutorial classes he runs on Whatsapp and Telegram. On this episode, He spoke about why and how he chose the teaching profession, the things he has learnt frrom his students and also an advice for how teachers can make the best use of this pandemic period to better themselves. It was quite an emotional episode and you wont regret clicking on play. You can listen to his podcast via THIS IS THE FUTURE 👇🏿 https://radiopublic.com/this-is-the-future-GZ0Lwv And you can use this link 👇🏿 https://useshukran.com/cr/queen%20raffy to send tips that can help support the show..Thank you. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/rafiat-akinwande/message


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