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Bants With Lafin Gas ( Stand Up Comedian & Buinessman)

Queen Raffy's Space


Episode Notes

Making someone laugh consistently isn't as easy as comedians make it look and on this episode I spoke with a stand up comedian, whose goes by the stage name Lafin Gas and has been in the business of comedy for over 8years now. We talked about the comedy business, the things that upcoming comedians should pay attention too and what areas should be off limits...Do listen in and also check out his podcast via NAIJA CRAZY PRANK CALLS 👇🏿 https://radiopublic.com/naija-crazy-prank-calls-6ByMaQ. And to support the show, you can send me tips via https://useshukran.com/cr/queen%20raffy --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/rafiat-akinwande/message


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