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Bants with Princess Doo (Founder - EsteemHub International)

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Episode Notes

For Princess Agbadu Doo, having experienced some life chaanging situations, she decided to leave the sidelines and fully commit to do all that she can to inculcate postive self esteem into childern and women using her NGO, Esteemhub International..and in this episode we talked about how to raise boys effectively to become good members of the society, what her NGO is about, the activities they carry out and how she has equiped herself to be able to help..It is a very enlightening conversation that you would enjoy...So do listen in. To reach out to Princess Doo you can link up with her via her NGO's Instagram handle:@esteemhub and listen to her podcast via https://anchor.fm/princessdoo --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rafiat-akinwande/message


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