Realities of the Twenties on Jamit

Twenties and money fears: Stages of your money journey.

Realities of the Twenties

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Episode Notes

Money Fears! Who doesn't have it? But I choose faith.. Lol. And action. Yes Twenties , we need to know some things early so as to liberate ourselves from this fear. But it's one thing to know, its another thing to do! Well, let's know first: On this episode, I invited Ms. Blessing Ayewmide, a sales consultant at nedcomoaks(a real estate firm) to talk to us about the "Importance of Investing early" and trust me she did justice to it!. So what are you waiting for? Join me to grab a pen and a paper and let's learn! Share with your friends too. Follow me on Instagram: @itspreciousbrown and Twitter: @preshismyname. Cheers!😘


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