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How I Got Up From Rock Bottom

Rising Heroes Podcast w/Toluse Francis

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Episode Notes

Edirin Edewor is the Founder of The Online Publishers and Entrepreneurs Network(OPEN). She is a multiple award winner and Nominee, multiple Amazon Best Seller and a host of other things.

Interestingly, she didn't get there just over night. She had her share of what I will call 'mishaps' but she didn't stay there.

In this episode, she shares her story from her failed businesses to her over 500 job applications yet non came through or is the moment she thought of taking her own life.


  • Money can't buy everything
  • You are not who or what people say you are
  • How Do You See Failures
  • Struggling People See Themselves in the light of their struggle
  • Happiness is key

In her Words, When you hit the rock bottom, the only place left is the top

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