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How To Break the Chain of Negative Emotions

Rising Heroes Podcast w/Toluse Francis

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Today the world finds itself in an unprecedented situation. The anxiety, depression and psychosis triggered by the constant stream of negative news around COVID-19 are now as detrimental to our health than the coronavirus itself. And they are spreading faster than the virus, too, burrowing through our lives until it seems we will never be able to break out of the web of distress we feel trapped in. Desperate for information on this deadly virus, we have become hooked on the information feed, waiting for news every day with the same anticipation that we wait for a new series on Netflix. Even though consuming this information leaves a restless sense of disappointment, we still cannot seem to help ourselves from following this path carved out for us by our preprogrammed state of mind. As a result of all this angst, our immunity gets compromised. Our energy levels slump and we find ourselves reaching evermore compulsively for that comforting but unhealthy sugary snack or processed food. This is a familiar pattern, a chain reaction when we find ourselves feeling powerless and frustrated in a situation seemingly beyond their control. Often the relationship between our mind and body is far from harmonious. It is not surprising that in this discord we can lose a sense of who we really are. The truth is we are neither our mind or our body, neither our thoughts or emotions. We are the consciousness which primes all else. Our mental, physical and emotional lives are subject to our consciousness. Our mind and body are vehicles through which our consciousness can experience all aspects of life. What then do we do? Listen, Share and Subscribe! Get your free ebook mentioned in the episode here : https://bit.ly/30daysmotivationTF --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/risingheroes/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/risingheroes/support


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