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The School Of Purpose Discovery Podcast is back!!! On this episode, I took time to explain the changes that have been made on the SPD podcast. I hope you enjoy it! PS: I humbly apologize for the feedback from the mic馃槩 I would love to help you further.... Please accept my invitation and become a member of the Purpose Tribe community on Telegram where you'll get the following benefits; 1. Opportunity to attend free masterclasses that would help you improve your knowledge and achieve your financial goal. 2. Join my group coaching programs and aquire top skills to help you build multiple income streams as a student. 3. Get direct tips on how to become a successful passionpreneur Join the Purpose Tribe Telegram community here: Get exclusive contents that will teach you how to become a successful passionpreneur sent directly to your email! SIGN UP TO MY NEWSLETTER: Subscribe to the Purpose Tribe Channel here: Thank you very much for listening! --- Send in a voice message:


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