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CORONAVIRUS: Hidden Facts about COVID-19 Exposed by Elijah Elvis Kraftzmann

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Are there conspiracies or hidden agenda behind this global pandemic COVID-19? Could it have resulted from the trade war between China and USA as some think? Is it a fight for becoming the world power? Maybe it's just a plague from God sent to punish the world for their wickedness and evil. Could this be true? It could actually be about the 5G Network Installation going on in some countries of the world. Or maybe not. Is is a result of a Cyberspace war? Does it have anything to do with the Bill Gates conspiracy to depopulate the world by introducing vaccination and digital identity (ID2020)? In this episode of The Signàture Podcast, you'll find some revealing facts about the pandemic COVID-19. Plug in, listen and share if you find value. Bless!


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