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Ep22 - 7 FREE Ways To Grow Your Social Media for Profit

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Episode Notes

What You'll Learn:

  • Jen's personal journey and how she got into Social Media and helping Businesses.
  • Her biggest challenge when she first started out.
  • What Social Media is to businesses.
  • 7 Ways to grow your social media for profits (service or product).
  • Jen's food eating routine as a business owner
  • Her coaching program and how you can reach her (all in the show notes).


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Jen McKee is the founder of Kee Hart Marketing, a social media marketing agency. She focuses on growing an organic social presence, running paid social media ads, and creating content for business owners to manage their social media on their own.
Jen founded Kee Hart Marketing in 2018 as a side hustle and has built it up to a 6-figure business. Jen is married with 2 kids. Her favorite social media platform is Tik Tok or Clubhouse, and she loves doing CrossFit 3x a week.

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