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Ep23 SRT - How to Make More Sales Without Being Salesy

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Episode Notes

What You'll Learn:

  • How Jorgie got into Sales (her amazing backstory - 30 years experience)
  • Some of her biggest challenge when she first started out.
  • The connection and difference between sales and marketing.
  • How to practically close sales and the conditions to being a good non-salesy sales person.
  • How to determine a prospect's personality type and the psychology attached to it.
  • How to overcome rejections (No's) from prospects.
  • Properly using scripts during a sales call.
  • Allowing your team to understand and leverage closing calls.
  • Sales and Copywriters/Content Marketers collaboration system.
  • Jorgie sang at the end of the podcast and thought us how to cook chicken stir fry in 30 seconds.


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About Jorgie Franks:

Jorgie Franks has been in sales and leadership for over 20 years which includes, territory management, cold calls, call center, knocking on doors, retail sales, and sales management. Jorgie worked with companies like Samsung (Territory Management), Coca-Cola, Microsoft, BARBIZON Modeling (National Touring Speaker/SpokesModel), Jared The Galleria of Jewelry, Victoria Secret, and for almost 2 years served at Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce as Director of Membership.

Jorgie is the owner of Jorgie Inc. JFB Consulting is a subsidiary of (dba) Jorgie Inc. Jorgie serves as president of Kiwanis Club of Greater Brandon and loves attending church at Lakewood Community Church of God.

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