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Stories That Touch

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A new podcast revolving around us!

Join Damore as she tells real stories of real people that force us to see who we aare beyond the ordinary.



@elfreda I think Grace has ridiculously low self-esteem. she looks in the mirror, hates everything she sees, and questions affection when it presents itself because deep down she doesn't believe she deserves. I'm only on the third episode and Sam seems like he might be genuine but Grace is letting her insecurities serve as a roadblock (then again, a potential love interest being friends with a friends-with-benefits ex wouldn't sit well with anyone.)

Jan 23, 2023

@everybees Grace needs sex obviously but she doesn't wants it to come hard. I can not love you as easy, love doesn't come easy she thinks. But it isn't. 👀

Mar 12, 2022

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