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Eshu: Good Tricks and Bad Treats

Story Of The gods


Episode Notes

Eshu: Our tale today takes us deep into the western region of Nigeria, into the lands of the Yorubas. It was there that the tale of Eshu, the trickster god, originated.
Eshu, also known as Elegba or Legba as in the Yoruba dialect, was a trickster god of the Yoruba people of Nigeria in West Africa. He was unpredictable, sly and fond of pranks that can be cruel and disruptive. Indeed, he was despicable. He was one who knew all the languages spoken on earth and served as a messenger between the gods and the people, carrying up to heaven the sacrifices that the people offered to the gods.
Gather round and listen to the tale of the trickster divinity of the Yoruba people.


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Olawoyin Olamide SamuelHost



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