Sweet and Sour on Jamit

The journey through 2020; from covid19, BLM, sexual assault to END SARS in Nigeria.

Sweet and Sour

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Episode Notes

Phewww, This episode just sums up everything that went down in 2020 and is still going down especially in my country Nigeria. I pre-recorded this episode, but I am just publishing it due to some personal reasons. To connect with us on IG, @sweetandsourpod, on Facebook, @sweetandsourpodcast, our guest, Mariam,@official_mayy. I hope that when generations after us in Nigeria listen to this, they will know that our generation fought, and fought hard, blood was shed, lives were lost and against all odds we never gave up. Let it be known that on the 20/10/2020, our motherland (Nigeria) betrayed innocent protest fighting for justice.


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