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So, this is it? My life started out fine. With each new day came love and joy that I was always happy to meet. But, year after year, it looked like my life was gradually losing meaning. What was I really doing? Time seemed to pass slowly everyday just to taunt me, to piss me off! The mind games. How can I forget? Lately, they've become so many that I just stopped dealing. I'm constantly reminded of what a waste I've become. I look in the mirror and see a stranger. It's almost like I'm living in the shadow of my former self. In the stillness of night, when the lights are turned off and everyone else is asleep, I'm wide awake, battling my own thoughts that keep coming back to haunt me. I keep repressing and now my bottle is full. Hopelessness and despair have become my companions. All the sadness and anger just won't go away. I try to wrestle but I keep getting pulled back down. It's getting harder to get up. I can't get this weight off. Who do I turn to? --- Send in a voice message:


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