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Imagine a car breaks down on the road and the driver comes down to check what is wrong with the car,but he couldn't see anything wrong with it. So he asked a group of guys to help him push but still it did not start. That can be a very frustrating and annoying experience right?. But funny how that's the same way it is with us when we dont know our Drive. Sometimes we feel there's nothing wrong but the Engine is bad because the Engine has been running with little or no fuel. We think this is our goal because we want to prove a point,seek approval from parents or friends or get Recognized. But External forces will only burn for a while. Even when you still push through with the faulty car,it will only run for a while but not sustain you. Drive is the only thing that burns from the inside of you that makes you move regardless. So what drives you or better still what is in your D.R.I.V.E?. --- This episode is sponsored by 路 Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:


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