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Hurt! No! That doesn't even touch the surface of how I feel. You promised that I wouldn't feel like this. That You would give me joy. That I would have peace. You said You never lie but how am I supposed to believe that? Night and day, I'm constantly beaten up by the same people that you have asked me to love yet you say I have joy? How do You explain this anger I feel in spite of your promise of peace? Day after day, my mind is whipped and bruised. The torment is unbearable. Your son already went through this for me so why do you still let me suffer so much? I'm tired of this. Why have you left me to do this alone? If it's something I did, I'm sorry. I need you back. I'm carrying all this pain on my own and I can't let go. I've lived with tears for a while but he won't take any weight off. Where have you gone? You promised that you'll never leave so where are you now that I need you most? I have all these excesses and I have no one to help me. It's quiet now and Through the tears, I hear your voice saying one thing over and over - "let go". I see now that You never left. . . . --- Send in a voice message:


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