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We all belong to a certain clique,crew,circle,group or gang that when they see one they see the others or if they need details about one,they can just ask someone in the group. Friendship is a beautiful thing, we know we can't go through life on our own that's why we are blessed with Friends. Friends helps us walk through life. They are our support system and Anchor whenever life happens. Whenever life hits us in the face they are there to ENCOURAGE and uplift our spirit or when we give excuses for our mishaps rather than facing the reality they tell us the TRUTH right to our faces with love. And when the relationship is becoming sour and we get mad at each other, they are always there to NURTURE the relationship. They address the disappointments instead of cutting off. Our friends CHALLENGES who we used to be to become who we ought to be,they push us to GREATNESS. --- Send in a voice message:


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