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... It was a stormy day and war was brewing. The two armies were geared up and ready to fight. All that stood between them was a wall. Being built many years ago, that wall looked insignificant but a more determined eye would see a young man who was stuck. Not because he had been hooked but because he couldn't afford to come down. That would mean he had to pick a side and that wasn't part of his plan. He was eating from both pots and didn't want to stop. He had too much to loose. The benefits he'd have to give up were impossible to let go of. Picking one side would mean betraying the other. The wind blew and he held on tight. Falling of that fence was not an option. He could not decide so he sat there, on the fence, one leg and arm on either side, just he and his dilemma. He felt it before he felt it. The sound of a gunshot echoed in the wind. War chants could be heard and a body was seen falling from the fence. Soon enough the fence went down too and he was gone for good. No one searched for him because he was not an ally to either side. He was neither here nor there. He died on middle ground. Don't be that guy *Talk with Sarah* --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:


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