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My first love "You can't forget your first love". It's a very cliché saying but it's one I agree with. My first love is too big a part of myself to be forgotten. I loved Him right from when I knew what the word "love" meant. How could I not love Him when He was always there? Through my mood swings, sick times and happiest moments, He never left. We did everything together. From eating to walking to studying, you name it, He was right next to me. We were inseparable or, as most people would put it, joined at the hip. He was my confidante. He was the one person I would always want to talk to. Whether I was angry, happy, sad, excited, frustrated or just downright tired; He would be the first person on my mind. He understood me so well and I trusted Him with my innermost thoughts. He had become a huge part of my life. We used to spend so much time together. We would talk endlessly for hours and I'd feel like only minutes had passed. Sometimes we would just be silent. Staying in each other's company and saying nothing wasn't awkward or uncomfortable. It was calming, reassuring. Knowing He was there was enough for me. He was so caring. If I needed anything, I wasn't scared to ask Him because He would always deliver. There were times when I wouldn't even need to ask. He just knew. Being Human, I drifted from him several times but every time I returned, I would find Him waiting with open arms. No judgement whatsoever from Him. He'd take me back like I never left. What's not to love? His kindness left me baffled on most days because he never wanted anything but my love in return. Just thinking about Him makes me smile. I've had many "loves" since I've known Him but I can't say the same for any of them. Because His love is the only true love, it will forever remain unforgettable. I loved Him then, I love Him now and I know now that I'll always love him. --- Send in a voice message:


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