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Self discovery: it takes too long馃槱

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I want it now!I can't wait any longer馃槱 That's the way we sound when there's a delay in getting what we want,we prefer instant gratification than waiting. I understand we are all guilty of this. We can't just wait because sometimes it's hard and annoying. Although, on our journey of self discovery there would be the good the bad and the ugly,there would be the highs and lows and diverse form of frustration. These experiences we go through helps us in life,it produces good character,makes us stronger, tenacious and in all PATIENT which helps us stay calm and continue our business effectively while waiting for the outcome of our desire. And if you skip this step you skip your story because your story is in the process. --- This episode is sponsored by 路 Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:


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