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Lylah Persad - Caribbean Voice-Coach & Creator

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A light hearted conversation with Lylah, voice artist from Trinidad and Tobago, who talks to us about finding work for yourself no matter where you are in the world. Watch the interview here:  - Are you "listen-to-able" ? - Whatever accent you have it may be desirable anywhere in the world - Learn to allow yourself to be silly to do character voices - How to create your own work opportunities by marketing to the right people - Above all, be prepared to receive the work that comes to you - Why challenges are actually opportunities for you to improve your skills - The difference in work pace between corporate and freelance life - Create your own happiness by giving to the world what you enjoy doing Producer | Artistic Director| LP Entertainment Theatre -"Reaching Beyond the Grasp"| Co-Author: "Tales from the Forest" Contact Lylah: IG: @ZenLylah FB: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join the Facebook group: Mzansi Voice-Over People Buy me a coffee if you learned something valuable today! Contact me 


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