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Episode 1: Welcome to Artificial Intelligence

Tanzania AI Lab

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Episode Notes

Welcome to the TanzanAI Lab Podcast, where we will be talking about artificial intelligence and its application across different sectors in developing countries, with the practitioners and experts in the field. This episode covers an introduction of the podcast and what we will be covering, as well as dive into what is Artificial Intelligence and the importance. Send any questions our way using: https://forms.gle/579p5M7yZiqfrh5Z9 Hosted By: Chris Tibs & Essa Mohamedali Hosts: twitter.com/ChrisTibenda | twitter.com/essa_mohamedali Background Music: Beamic - Charl´s Bronx ~ youtube.com/watch?v=6u5a7_-a3vM ~ twitter.com/AILabTZ facebook.com/AILabTZ instagram.com/AILabTZ Sources: AI Quick Sart Guide: futurice.com/downloads/AI-Quick-Start-Guide Elements of AI: elementsofai.com


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