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The average nigerian lady believes that their lovers/boyfriend should be responsible for their financial needs.

The day you say "Will you be my girlfriend?", you become the solution to all her existing problems and even the ones that exist in her mind!

Most relationship have gone down the drain because of MONEY. Girls don't have chil when they realized their boyfriend's or lovers are broke or not able to supply their financial needs. On the other hands there are guys too, who have make their girlfriends their ATM but this problem is not just the man/woman thing. It's the Africa mindset. It's believe that the one whom you are in a romantic relationship with should be able to give you money and provide all kinds of luxuries.

Many women dream of getting married to a rich guy, what they have failed to realise is that their life/ their well being/the society which they may want to help will only revolve around that man's income this means they can't get things they love if the man does not have the means, so ladies should try and build themselves so they can be financially independent.

Notwithstanding, Guyz should try to support their lovers because regardless, MONEY is the ointment that's much need in any Romantic relationship


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