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Africa is experiencing a massive trend of increased use of skin bleaching which otherwise is known as Whitening or skin toning
and the practice of plastic or cosmetic surgery.
Many Nigerians see skin bleaching or cosmetic surgery as standard procedure, a gateway to beauty and success.The horror is that we do not know what these things do in high concentrations over time in the body. They damage our respiratory, kidney and reproductive systems.
Most times these body bleaching creams and pills cause cancer, affect the nervous system, and most likely deform unborn babies.
To the users of body Transformation they have reasons for bleaching their skin and carrying out a plastic surgery.
Some say, it helps to boost their self esteem, some others do it for the sake of keeping that job, maintaining a relationship
or been accepted and appreciated by the society.
Howbeit, whatever the reason is, people should not forget the side effects. Whatever you cannot live up to, you shouldn't practice it.
Tampering with your natural body shape or skin color won't make the society appreciate you more. Damn whatever people will say, you are


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