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Chelsea's Week To Remember | A Turning Point For Racism

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Episode Notes

On this episode of the hindsight podcast, Yubby Ndunofit is joined by Olakunle Rufai and Iniobong Monday to discuss the resumption of the Premier league and the La Liga as well as the proposed resolution of this season’s Champions league campaign.
The crew also discuss Chelsea’s potential firepower with the imminent arrival of Timo Werner and the global stand of racism through the eyes of sports leading institutions following the death of George Floyd


00:02:48 – 11:21 | Chelsea’s transfer blitz – Timo Werner
00:11:21 – 00:16:26| Who should sign Kai Havertz?
00:16:26 – 00:22:46 | All you need to know before the Premier league’s resumption
00:22:48 –00:25:02 | All about UEFA’s proposed resolution for the UCL
00:25:05 – 00:28:00 | Will Bayern still be UCL favourites?
00:28:02 -00:34:40 | The global stand against racism
00:34:40 – 00:37:17 | All you need to know as La Liga resumes
00:37:18 – 00:39:12| Prediction for La Liga title race
00:40:00 – 00:44:20 | Will football be the same without fans?


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