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The Evolution of Football Agents

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Episode Notes

On this episode of the hindsight podcast, Yubby is joined by Ohi Longe (A UK based football agent), Tola Ogunlewe (Sports Law and Performance Trainer),  Clinton McDubus ( football fan) and Oluwole Ola (blogger) to look at football agents and their roles in representing their clients.

It was important to get each member of the panel on board in other to have a wholistic perspective to the conversation
00:03:22-00:05:53 | Fan view of how agents operate
00:06:30-00:07:14 | Why there is misrepresentation of agents
00:07:14-00:08:51 | The role of an agent as a representative
00:10:00-12:15 | How early should players get agents to represent them?


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