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The Evolution Of Roles, Positions & Tactics In Football

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Episode Notes

Welcome to yet another episode of the hindsight podcast amidst the lockdown.

On this one, Yubby Ndunofit is joined by's Africa Columnist Solace Chukwu as well as two football youth coaches - Segun Adeniyi who is UEFA licensed and Adesegun Shola of the Barcelona academy - to discuss the evolution of tactics and player roles in football. The crew shed light on the demand for ball playing goalkeepers, attacking full backs, the demise of the No. 10 role and the emergence of the false 9.

00:03:14-00:11:06 | The role that has evolved the most in Football
00:11:07-00:13:00 | How Pep changed the demand on goalkeepers
00:13:15-00:17:03 | The demand of grass root coaches on goalkeepers in Nigeria
00:17:15-20:18:04 | Is Onana redefining the goalkeeping role in Africa?
00:20:20-00:36:14 | What caused the demise of the No. 10 role?
00:37:06-00:39:28 | Advice for developing grass root talents in Africa
00:39:28-00:46:37 | The evolution of centre forwards
00:46:37-00:52:06 | The evolution of full backs
00:52:06-01:09:48 | The crew pick their ideal XI


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