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Success is a progressive realization of a worthy goal. Depending on what your goal is, todays episode will give you more light on how to achieve more. Today's episode is the first of the 6 part series (THE FUNDAMENTAL PROCESSES OF SUCCESS) for the week and surely will bring to your awareness a better to way to go. I talked on the first -Programming, which relates how your experiences, external influence and internal conditioning affects you and the degree of success you have. Do yourself good to listen, learn and also give me feedback on your thoughts via email (mratolagbe@gmail.com) or tag me on social media (@ayo_atolagbe). The good news in Nigeria continues, thanks to DEMOHub Global for #PROJECT2000. To be part of it, follow @demohubofficial on Instagram and follow the guides. Always Thrive Towards Greatness. #THRIVE --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ayo-atolagbe/support


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