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When talking about empathy in this wave of life, I know it is best experience in the action of human, and having our guest on this episode of Mindset Podcast With Ayobami details that for every listeners in understanding where they should stand in the quest for EMPATHY.

Funke Adeoye is a Public Interest lawyer with experience in Capital Defense, Human Rights Litigation, Inclusion Advocacy and Development Practice. 

A graduate of law from University of Benin and called to Bar in 2013, Funke has represented several indigent inmates pro bono including inmates falsely accused of offences that carry the death penalty and she has recorded all round success from the lowest courts to the Court of Appeal. 

She detailed her experiences and works on how she has impacted over 30 inmate and helped them out of the shackles that held them down, this I will say is a big degree of empathy from her. 

Showing love by picturing herself in the reality of these people and finding the best approach to solving these challenges.

This is a fight by one through Hope behind Bars Africa (a non-profit which promotes the development of innovative and sustainable interventions for increasing access to justice for indigent inmates and reducing a cycle of recidivism/criminal re-offending among people behind bars in Nigeria with particular focus on women and children in trouble with the law).

Imagine we all making this our daily life, not just in the prison walls or the legal practise but in our little activities daily. I know you listeners have a part in this and in your sphere of influence can make a great difference too.

Kindly share this podcast with friends and families, help them build the right mindset in all spheres of life.

To connect with Funke Adeoye, kindly reach her via contacts below:

Instagram: @thefunkeadeoye

Mentioned App: https://hopebehindbarsafrica.org/connectlawyer/

Always Thrive Towards Greatness


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