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Yusuf Nessary is from Houston, Texas. He is the founder and Executive director (Zam Zam Water), Manager of Organizational Development and Outreach (Social Good Fund)

With his good heart to reach more lives positively, he intentionally make a decision to go above the norms and get started with Zam Zam Water (@zamzam.water), a humanitarian organisation devoted to playing a vital role in eradicating poverty by providing clean, sustainable water and access to quality education to villages across the globe.

They support orphanages and schools because Zam Zam believes wellness through access to clean water, the empowerment of women, children, and education are all connected.

With their Mission -To create a better quality of life by bringing water to those in need, one well at a time.

With his first visit to Nigeria, been invited by an excellence driven organisation -Servelead Global for her first OPEN MIC event (LOVE AND HATE) in Abuja, experiencing the energy of 50 to 100 people sharing great stories which the world needs to hear, all thanks to Servelead Global. 

Servelead Global is an company focused on enriching the betterment of humanity, presided by Mr Oyewole Joledo and with the world class team doing a great work by building, shaping and sharing the right value system in Nigeria.

By the way, should I say he tried out the Nigerian Jollof (-wink-).

In this episode of Mindset Podcast With Ayobami, he shared great tips on how he personally hacked productivity, became aware to time management and intentionally shifted in his use of time to becoming MORE and ever since, helping more lives with knowledge gained. Get full taste of this heart pumping delicacy and THRIVE in all you do from today.

"Always Thrive Towards Greatness" -Ayo_Atolagbe

You can connect with the on Instagram

Ayobami Atolagbe: @ayo_atolagbe

Yusuf Nessary: @yusufnessary

Zam Zam Water: @zamzam.water

Oyewole Joledo: @jaywallaese

Servelead Global: @serveleadglobal

Have a great time listening, and kindly share this episode with friends and "fre-nemis.

Disclaimer: Wisdom shared here will cause a shift from mediocre ways of doing things to the habit of the 1% leaders in the world, so if you want to stay down and live in the norms, DO NOT LISTEN to this episode.

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