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Aso Ebi Episode 09 - Gele To Le

The Naked Convos

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Episode Notes

Mo returns early from her trip (I wonder why 👀👀) and you’ll never guess what Jeda has been up to.... this man really left the gate open to go and use the bathroom o 😭😭 (am I the only one that loves Jeda?? 😂😂)

Soooo Mo gets some good news which she shares with her bestie Anita & it also turns out her brother JAY 👀👀 is coming to visit.... I wonder what this means 🌚🌚

A couple miles away, Anita and Bami are in the middle of a heated conversation and woahhh.... (love na bastard o) To make things worse, Anita finds herself dealing with a very persistent suitor (talk about bad timing 🤦🏽‍♀️)

Now can you guys remember when I said things were building up..... huhuhu 👀 the way this episode ends eh, I’m not even going to give you a hint about what happens. I’ll leave you all to be shocked!!!

Sooo that’s it’s from me guys
Yaz the ninja signing out x

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