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Aso Ebi Episode 10 - Ripped French Lace

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Episode Notes

It’s about to go down duhduhduhhhhh!!
Are you guys ready for the latest episode of your favorite fictional audio series Aso Ebí 💃🏽💃🏽. Last week was hot but promise me when I tell you this weeks episode has gotten HOTTERR!!!!! 🥵 I won’t say anything more though, let’s get started with the episode’s description🌚

Sooo, after an afternoon full of drama, Anita decides to continue her date with Ladi the hunk 🌚🌚. Regardless of everything that had gone on, the date seems to be going well with sparks flying left and right hmm...

But I know you’re not all here to listen to me go on and on about Anita’s date. You’re here to know the aftermath of the altercation between Jay and Mo (honestly, me too 😂😂).

Back at the Gbadebo mansion Mo finally accuses Jay of being a cheat and his reaction.... definitely not what I was expecting. Wow, that was intense... 😔 but as the episode goes on we finally learn more about Mo’s mindset and with a few wise words from her brother who’s also named Jay, it seems like there might be some hope for Mr and Mrs Gbadebo....... That is until Jay walks back into the house and makes it clear that he has discovered Mo’s big secret 😳

Guyssss this episode was CRAZY with a capital CRAZEEE!! I really want Mo & Jay to work things out but hmm... the situation is starting to look like something they might not be able to make it back from 😔😔

Before I go though I have a quick question for you all, if you were in Jaiyeola’s (Mr Gbadebo) position, what would you say to Mo? 😔🥺

Yaz the ninja, signing out x

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