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As expected, today’s episode starts off where we left things off, with all of our favorite characters on bad terms 😭😭. But it seems like there’s good news, Mo is finally seeing sense & has gotten the factory reset we all know she needed 😔. Anita on the other hand is going through very tough times and I won’t go into detail (#TeamNoSpoilers) but what I will say is maybe JUST MAYBE there’s space for the reunion we all know we want 😭😭😭

Meanwhile at the Gbadebo mansion, things are just as tense as they’ve been for the last couple of months but today’s an especially somber day. Today’s the day Mo & Jay say their final goodbyes to not only each other but the memories & life they had created together 😔

I won’t say how things end for our favorite couple but what I will give away is LOVE IS SWEET OOO KAIIII 😭😭😭😭

Nowwww in the spirit of happy endings, it looks like the universe isn’t done with my Bam Bam & I’m here for it. You go bestieee!!!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
Guys I don’t think this season could have been wrapped up in a more beautiful way😭😭 (but there’s still a couple loose ends that haven’t been tied up o 👀)

Yaz the mischief maker, signing out x

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