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168. 4 Signs You Might Be Mismanaging Your Energy

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Episode Notes

Last week, I talked about how mismanagement of your energy and resources can lead to severe burnout. This week, I want to talk about four signs you can watch out for to identify whether you're struggling with energy mismanagement:
  1. Struggles with self-control around money
  2. Struggles with energy management
  3. Struggles with time management
  4. Struggles with self-control around food
When you're operating in extremes with your energy, burnout isn't only possible—if you're not careful, it could become inevitable. We're not built to run on extremes every day of our lives; we need balance. We need to make room for duality. We need to escape the scarcity mindset and embrace abundance.
How do we change the way we manage our energy? Let me share what I've learned.
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