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Ghosting; the millennia route of solving conflicts/its pro and cons, and all you need to know

The Shortie Salon

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Hellur Salon customers!!!!! Have you ever been in a relationship. Suddenly and without any warning at all, your partner disappears with no response to any of your calls, messages, even blocked you on social media? Hellurrr, you're on the honorary list of people who have been ghosted lol. So on this week's episode of the podcast, it's all about the topic of ghosting. We get to discuss why people ghost, how to know when you've been ghosted, what to do, how to move on and some titbits. Background music is 411 by Nonso Bassey. Please share, rate, follow and gimme your feedback on Instagram @theshortiesalon_ and also, do support the podcast by leaving a tip on ❤ --- Send in a voice message:


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