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Marriage vows and who you should really get married to

The Shortie Salon

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Hellur salon customers!!! On this episode of the podcast, we take a deep cursory look into wedding vows and their deep-rooted meaning. Marriage vows are promises each partner in a relationship make to the other during a wedding ceremony, and as these words are binding before God and law, and would make the foundation on which the marriage is structured on, then it's pertinent that we all understand what we say before we commit to it, totally apply it to ourselves, before the I DO Would totally mean a lot to me if you share, listen and give feedback 💓💓💓 Connect with me on Twitter @theshortiesalon or @udwaq_ekpedeme, on Instagram @theshortiesalonpodcast_ or @petite_awesomeness Click on to support this podcast Thanks for all the feedback, shares, I love y'all gazillion 🌼😚💓 Be safe --- Send in a voice message:


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