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The Advantages/Purpose/ Reasons Why We Need Leadership/Representations in the #EndSars Protest

The Shortie Salon

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The #EndSARS protest has now gained momentum all over the country and has also attained global recognition! Whoop! Whoop!! Whilst this is a worthy win, as we are seemingly close to getting our #5for#5 attended to, the question of having representatives to further buttress the salient points of our demand to the government holds sway. Whilst this has been shelved by the youths, i explain the reasons why we might need representatives and the steps they should take. Follow me on Instagram @theshortiesalon_, on Twitter @theshortiesalon or to support this podcast. Thank you for your feedback, comments, share. I love yall gazillion😍. Be safe. Wear Your Mask. Protest.✊🏿✊🏿 --- Send in a voice message:


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