Fatherhood and Health: Pt.I


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Spades is a college graduate, Garvey is making art and melting hearts, and The H is in full teenage mode raging against the machine (a.k.a. showers). This episode, however, is about us. The pressures we face as fathers now and the pressures we faced early on in our parenthood journeys. It is said that pressure creates diamonds, and while that's scientifically factual, it can also create distress - mental, emotional and physical - when that pressure becomes overwhelming. We sit in the middle of Mental Health Awareness Month, and the tough reflections in this episode are an important reminder to continue to take care of yourself as much as you take care of those around you. Access your network. Find healthy outlets. Research resources that will help keep your mind, heart and spirit healthy. This podcast is one of ours. NOTE: This episode delves into mental, physical and emotional health along with topic of suicide. There are a wealth of resources available for those facing thoughts of suicide, some of which we've listed below. --- Send in a voice message:


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