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Nigerian Parents Unprovoked (with Moses)

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Episode Notes

NIgerian Parents Unprovoked 

This is an episode that talks about all the unprovoked lines our parents hit us with as kids growing up.

Parents always have one story to whip out every time, they literally have a story for every situation, lol.

Moses joins me on this episode to talk about this.

Remember Moze from "An Action Movie" episode? Agent Maza who saved the arms dealer in the story. Well this is who i did a terrible job trying to portray.

Did we get 'em all or did we miss some. Tell us what you think 


Guest, Moses = @kheengmoises (Twitter) @0daba (IG)

Host, Austin = @00phoenix (Twitter) @00_phoenix (IG)

Show = @dtalkingphoenix (Twitter, IG, Fb) Or send us a mail at


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