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S2E04 - Until Moments Pt. 1

What's Your Name?

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Nowadays, we live in a society where we find integrity in the least expected places and people. To be honest and still welcomed or liked by anyone is a rare thing. So many of us have got caught up with me, me, me mentality. We forgot to stop and reflect inwards to understand how we fit and what our purpose is in this life. Some of us got stuck looking inwards and fell in love with the wrong ideas and even people.

Patienceis a virtue learned; meaning it must be practiced. No one is born patient, even after been born waitingfor anything was met with sharp cry’s. Though, in this impatience we learnt the important fact that we are not alone. Even in this life we are truly never alone, the Holy Spirit is a person himself meaning even when alone, you are never truly lonely. All that is left in this life when it’ all said and done are memories, the good the bad, and the ugly. Always remember to laugh and smile laughter is the best medicine, humor therapy heals the soul and keeps you young. Never lose your smile, it keeps hope up and adds patience to life’s uncertainties. Listen in as our guest @Alex reminds us of why there is hope in the wait.

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Poetry Piece : I Waited For You; Poet: Janette...ikz Link; https://youtu.be/YBncGFCqEOA

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