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S1E4. Your next role with Cicero

Work-life Conversations with NBL


Episode Notes

Cicero is a disruptor, who loves new adventures and likes to be behind the scene. He believes the King-maker is as important as the King, so he is more comfortable being the King-maker. Here he talks about: 1. How do you decide what your next role should be? 2. What steps can you take to prepare for your next role? 3. How can you be visible for your next role? 4. How do you convince the hiring manager that you are the right person for your next role? 5. What are the first set of things to do when you get your next role? 6. How can we overcome the “unqualified” mindset? For questions, kindly send a mail to or simply drop a comment on my Instagram page @nigerianbosslady Do not forget to subscribe for more episodes!


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