Young Voices on Climate Justice with Dani & Friends podcast

Young Voices on Climate Justice with Dani & Friends

Join Youth Host Dani as she explores issues of Climate Justice through the reflections of young people and many more, across Scotland and Malawi. Dani seeks to find out what climate justice means in both contexts of Scotland and Malawi, and how we might use these insights in defining our climate and social justice efforts looking to the future. • What does Black Lives Matter means for a Malawian working in rural groundwater sustainability? • How empowered does a teenage climate activist in Scotland feel to have their voice heard? • What do young people feel we can do to work together better internationally? Come find out by listening to Young Voices on Climate Justice with Dani & Friends Speakers: Dani - Scotland Malawi Partnership Youth Committee Member, Muthi Nhlema - Baseflow, Malawi , Jo Becker - Climate Activist in Scotland, Ruby - Young person involved with Sustainable Partnerships, Mwayiwawo Chitsamba - MaSP Climate Change Young Leader, Tionge Angella Banda - Participant of Rotary Youth Leadership Award, Malawi Recording and editing: Scotland Malawi Partnership Music: Ndakukonda - Street Rat (David Luhanga) Produced as part of the Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) 2021 Digital Youth Festival, this podcast explores themes around climate change and race and equality in contemporary youth partnerships between Scotland and Malawi. This is an entirely youth-produced podcast and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the SMP or its wider membership. The SMP is committed to amplifying the voices of young Malawians and Scots. We think it’s crucial to stop and listen to a range of voices and opinions in both our countries, especially young people, as we explore and hold ourselves accountable to the 11 Scotland-Malawi Partnership Principles and our Black Lives Matter commitments.



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