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March Edition (Godly Teens Koinonia)

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Episode Notes

The first edition was fire!🔥.. You missed it if you were not there.

The presence of God was very tangible that I could almost touch it. 

If you think you are still young to;

🔥Commune with the Holyspirit 

🔥Worship God with the Host of Angels in heaven

🔥Pray fire to come down as Elijah did

🔥Command territories

🔥Heal the sick and perform miracles through the power of the Holy ghost

Then you are getting it all wrong as a young believer.

🔥The moment we agree to possess the identity of God as a teenager, child, or young adult, you have the access to His gifts, but you still need a PLACE to cultivate, water and grow before you can take your harvest.

I present to you the THEME for this Month's edition of Godly Teens Koinonia-


I encourage you all to make yourselves available. 

Come and be blessed as we dwell together in God's secret place.

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